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Our first foal for 2009 has arrived.  "JAZZY BLUE JAY" is a grulla filly out of a black mare.



Jay's first colt of 2009 is a solid Grullo out of a Sorrel & WhiteTobiano mare. 

Top picture is days old.  Bottom picture is a couple months later.


This is "Sailor", a grullo colt out of our mare "Bonnie". Check out his full sister "Luna" on the 08 foal page. 


We think this filly will be a Dun with a lot of Dun factor.  She has a baby doll head (as most of Jay's foals do) and beautiful brown doe eyes.  Her Dam is a stocky Zan Parr Bar Chestnut Mare. 


This fun guy is a grullo colt out of a Black mare.


"YES" another COLT out of a Sorrel/White Tobiano mare.  He is a beautifully marked Dun Paint.  Just love him!!!


This cutie is a Dunskin filly (Buckskin w/ a Dun stripe) out of a Zan Parr Bar/Two Eyed Jack Palomino Mare. 


Another Grullo COLT out of a Grulla mare. The large white star is a surprise.  The mare and Jay have NO white on their face.  Jay has no white anywhere and the mare just has a small white sock.  ??


Above is "Crystal" a grullo filly out of a Black Mare at 1 week old.  Below is Crystal at 1 year old.  Note the difference in color. 




Snow in Arizona

Something COOL!!!