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Our 2015 foals should be arriving any day.  
Check back!!

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Is the foal a Grullo or a Dun? Jay's babies will always be one or the other. Grullos are often mistaken as Duns when they are first born. Generally, Grullo foals are born a light tan color with a dorsal stripe. One way I've been told to tell the difference is to look at the hair color around the eyes. Grullos will have black hairs and Duns will have gold, orange or brown hairs around their eyes.  

Below are possible resulting foals when bred to Jay.

Black & Grullo mares

- 100% Grullo foals

Bay/Sorrel/Buckskin/Palomino/Dun mares

- 50% Grullo foals - 25% Dun foals - 25% Dunskin foals

Cremello/Perlino mares

- 50% Grullo foals - 50% Dunskin foals

Jay's Color Statistics
98 foals
60% Grullos
33% Duns
7% Dun Roan, Gray or Dunskin (Buckskin w/ dun stripe)
Jay's Sex Statistics
98 foals
57% Colts
43% Fillies


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